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My Inbox is Full and I Can't Get Out!

Here are just a few skills you will learn:

1. How to gain and keep control of your inbox with the 4 D's of Email Management

2. How to TimeLink™, manage every detail of your life, and never have anything   fall through the cracks

3. How to reprogram the Task section into the To Do List of your dreams

4. How to manage your Email, Calendar, and Tasks simultaneously all in one view

5. How to manage information utilizing OneNote for a total mobile solution 

"You have had the greatest impact on Cintas! For Over 25 years you have trained thousands including every Management Trainee and Manager in our company. No one has had the opportunity to impact that many lives - period"

Todd Gregory - Senior VP - Cintas Corp


The truth is most busy professionals find themselves frustrated over an unruly inbox, an inability to find information they know they put somewhere, and staying on top of all their tasks and deadlines. 


There's got to be a better way! There is, and we have the process!


Discover how to transform both Outlook and OneNote from just "okay tools" that came with your computer into a command and control center of events, information, and activities! 

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the awesome training. Initially I thought...hmm what else can I be taught about Outlook since I am old and I have been using the tool for 80+ years...afterwards I thought...holy crap I had no idea how incorrectly I have been using this tool and how great it is to uncover/utilize something new, useful, and helpful! I loved the creativity, and your delivery is impeccable - making it very memorable and enjoyable. Thank you again!"

Alana Tompkins - VP Sales and Marketing - Regency 

Microsoft Outlook and OneNote are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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Kennesaw, GA 30144

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