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My Inbox is Full and I Can't Get Out

Advanced Productivity for Some

A Life Saver for Others!

"I started your process with over 16,000 items in my inbox. Today I am walking away with 2! I thank you. My husband thanks you. My children thank you. Even my dog thanks you! MIND...BLOWN!"

Most people know how to use a hammer, a saw and a tape measure - they are simple, straight forward tools. But the challenge is how to get out of the tools what you really want, which is a house. That's how it is with Outlook. Many know how to use a few tools of Outlook but 90% of people don’t know the skills that are critical to the PROCESS of building the house they want, which is:

* To manage every detail of their life

* To never have something fall through the cracks

* To be able to instantly find information they know they put "somewhere" 

This is NOT a "how to use Outlook class" (we assume you already know how). This workshop teaches participants the critical skills and processes which transform Outlook from simply a "tool that came with my computer" into a command control center of events, information, and activities! 

*Designed for PC Users with Outlook and OneNote Installed*

Microsoft Outlook and OneNote are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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Leadership Redefined

Creating Leaders at Every Level

"The team was very engaged during Leadership Redefined and walked away with very tangible and practical ways to "lead." Given the diverse make-up of our team, it is not very often that all walk away from meetings or workshops having nothing but positive things to say. Thank you!!"

The highest performing organizations, departments, and teams always have members who demonstrate leadership at every level...not just at the top. You see, for decades, the idea of leadership has revolved around concepts like title, authority, ownership, or responsibility, but today there is a new reality...leadership is influence. Intentionally building a team where everyone understands that leadership is shared and not something "someone else does" is mission critical to creating a world-class organization. Influence is real and this program teaches 12 Key Strategies to help anyone increase the influence they have to bring about positive results. Fast, fun, and highly interactive and engaging, this presentation is perfect for everyone and is packed with practical, "implement immediately" action items.


Sticks & Stones


The Secret Key in any Organization - Great Relationships! 

"The comments I am receiving about "Sticks and Stones Exposed are overwhelming. I've heard more folks say that this was the absolute most useful, meaningful, and powerful presentation they have experience in their entire careers! For some, that means in over 30+ years. I plan on sending out an email to my fellow public affairs specialists around the country to let them know about you."

Be prepared to laugh and learn as you discover what many people feel is the most challenging part of their work - THE PEOPLE!! Sales reps and customers...managers and direct reports...teachers and (heck, even husbands and wives... parents and children) Relationships! It all boils down to relationships. You see,

Words Impact Relationships

Relationships Impact Culture

Culture Impacts Results

There is a direct Correlation between the words we use and the results we get. Learn the secret to bringing out the best in yourself and others and discover how easy it is to create a better place to live and work. This is the most frequently requested program we conduct as it is hilarious and "throws a wide net" making it immediately applicable to everyone in an organization. 

The winner in you picture 2.png

The Winner 

in You

Attitude is 


"What a wonderful morning for our whole team! Super inspirational and filled with great tips and tools! Our folks loved how interactive it was...the opposite of most "sit and get" programs!"

In the frenzied pace of today, it is easy to forget the impact that actions, reactions, and behaviors have on the perceptions others have of an organization. More than ever before, providing "best in class" customer service/care has become a necessity. What differentiates one organization or department from another may truly boil down to the professionalism, attitude and the level of service or care being provided by its employees. It is also mission critical to realize that, for many, their job exists to serve others - and those customers may be patients, students, or even fellow employees.

This fast, fun, and highly interactive seminar zeroes in on some of the critical practices needed to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations - and gets everyone recharged to do the "right things."


I'm Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

Symptoms, Causes,

and Cures

"What an eye-opening class after a very stressful year. Thank you so much for all the tools!"


Do you sometimes have trouble falling asleep because you are too tired or too “keyed up”? Are you snapping at your kids, your spouse, your dog? Do you wake up at 3:00 am and can’t get back to sleep because your to-do-list is already racing through your mind? You might be stressed out!

Filled with self-analytical instruments, and "insight activities" this fun, interactive workshop helps participants take a "snapshot" of their current stress profile and the symptoms, causes, and cures to successfully manage the stress in their lives.


So timely. So practical. So relevant. 

new Goliath.png

Overcoming Life's Goliaths

The Power of Vision

"Overcoming Life's Goliaths far exceeded my expectations of what I had hoped the reception of our group would be and really made a positive impact. Thank you again for coming and bringing a message that reinforced the change in vision that we are trying to achieve!"


We all have “Goliaths”– those barriers, obstacles and challenges that try to hold us down or keep us back from achieving our goals. Trying to avoid them is not realistic. Hoping they go away is not a plan. We need to learn the keys of how to overcome them. 

While most are somewhat familiar with the story of David & Goliath, very few realize the incredible, practical applications and life lessons it offers for dealing with today's challenges! Many are facing more Goliaths now than ever and desperately need to hear this powerful message of vision and hope. You will learn the secrets that all great leaders have known and practiced for centuries...and you will never forget them!

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Kennesaw, GA 30144

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