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While the traditional view of leadership revolves around authority, responsibility, or title, author Dave Weber, shatters these notions with groundbreaking insights that reflect a new reality.


A leader is anyone who has influence.


Take a look at any group of kindergartners on the playground. Not one of those little stinkers has a title, but there is definitely someone in charge, influencing what’s going on. While most people traditionally look to the top of an organization or department for leadership (in theory, that is!), the highest performing groups in companies, schools, clubs, or sports teams have members who demonstrate leadership at every level. These “leaders without the title” have latched on to the profound reality that because they have influence, THEY LEAD.


Discover Weber’s 12 X’s of success for today’s leader and learn simple strategies that can make a positive difference in every area of your life.


Listen to Dave Weber read "Leadership Redefined!" 5 hours of high quality audio.


This product is available as a Digital MP3 Download for instant enjoyment.

Leadership Redefined Audiobook Download

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